Have you ever wished you could make your Mamod or

 Wilesco a little different?

Wished it had a little more brass to polish?

Our ever increasing range of enhancements is designed to

 allow you to do just that.

From a simple pair of chocks to a new chimney

Whats an enhancement?

How do I fit them?

Are they easy to fit?

Most of our products are designed and manufactured by us.

 They are tested for size, ease of fit, and looks. We then send

 them to our Prototype and development club for

evaluation. Then and only then do we release them to the

public for sale.


So where do I start?

The easiest way to start is with the simple hang on bits

live steam The Bucket

The simplest of addons,a brass

 turned bucket with wire handle.

You just need to decide where to

 hang it


Chocks & chainssteam wagon

  Another simple add-on,these

 wooden chocks come with a small

 brass hook to hang them from.

Available in 2 sizes ,they come with

 a stabiliser to stop your pride and

 joy from rolling along the shelf or

mantle place.

Ok they seem easy enough what now?

Now we move on to the bits that need a little time and a few

 simple hand tools

model engineering

 The Axle & hub set 

 These are one of our most popular items,giving the model an

 instant boost as well as allowing the wheels to be removed for

 cleaning or further work.

All of our sets are designed & manufactured by us.

Sets are currently available for the following models



  • Traction engine
  • Roller
  • Log wagon
  • Water cart

The improvement to the model when fitted with these is quite

 dramatic. The brass hubs can be polished to a mirror finish.

Add to this the ability to remove the wheels any time you feel

like makes these kits an ideal place to start when refurbishing

  orjust adding that little bit extra.

They are designed to be an easy home fit using basic tools

found in most homes.

Instruction sheets are included where necessary.

New steel axles with threaded brass

 hubcaps.The picture shows a set

for the mamod log wagon.These

 allow the wheels to be removed for

 cleaning as well as looking good.



The Flywheel insert

 To fit on to the flywheel simply glue

 It will improve the looks in this area.



These are just a few of our range more details can be found by

 selecting the item in the menu.